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Living Word Church- The pastors are Dan and Joan Olson. They are both ordained ministers of Gospel and Bible school graduates. They have been pastoring for over 20 years. The church lifts their hands to praise God (Psalms 134:2). They also play musical instruments (II Sam. 6:5), clap and shout to the Lord (Psalms 47:1), dance for God (Psalms 150:4), pray for the sick (Mark 16:17, 18), and believe in the spiritual gifts (I Corinthians 14:26). This church is located in Branson West, Missouri. For more information visit They have great nursery, children's and youth services. From Bus Kids On The Move on Saturday mornings to One Eighty Youth Programs on Thursday night. Come visit their new facility that is designed to meet the whole church's needs!

New Life Temple- This is a warm and cheerful church. They have great praise and worship and a wonderful choir. The pastors are Bishop Jerry Haynes and his wife Merlene. They have sunday school, children's church and youth services, not to mention excellent preaching sessions and alter services. This church is located in Hollister, Missouri. For more information call 417-334-7231.

Ridgedale Church- This is an old time country church. It has no indoor plumbing, although it has restrooms in a separate building. A church like this is great for a person that desires a unique church that is all about God, not appearances. The music is old time and open to all who want to sing. Jump into an old time penacostal shouting time with the Lord! This church is located in Ridgedale, Missouri (about 1 mile North of the Arkansas line and about a block west of 65 HWY) For more information, call 417-338-1701 and ask for Mrs. Jackson.

Hilltop Church of God- This is a typical church of God church.. They have the classic hymns and casual preaching. The pastors are Bobby and Jesse Fausett.This is a smaller church and a great family church. It is located in Kirbyville, Missouri just off of 76 HWY, at the corner of Joshua Drive and Rustic Acres Road. For more information call Bobby Fausett at 417-334-7658.

Healing River Worship Center- This church has contemporary worship and informative preaching. It is located about 11 miles north of Branson, Missouri to the left of 65 HWY. The pastors are Tim and Betty Snider.

Lakewood Church- This beautiful church facility is located on HWY 413 in Branson West, Missouri. This is a contemperary church with wonderful praise and worship. They also have a coffee and snack bar ministry in the foyer to help members get to know one another better. Cecil Todd Jr. is the pastor of this wonderful church.

Faith Life Church- Pastors Keith and Phyllis Moore teach the true Word of God. This church is a firm believer in healing and prosperity, as well as living a proper Christian life that is pleasing to the Lord. For more information call 417-334-9233 or visit

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